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Sensationnel Creations‚Äč

Temporarily Closed

Custom Gift Baskets

Party Favors

and more!

See What's Next!

Stay up-to-date with Sensationnel Creations' upcoming specials and baskets. 

Wedding and Baby Shower Party Favors

Every guests deserves an elegant gift. Sensationnel Creations will be providing wedding party and baby shower favors for every budget. 

Military Baskets

All who have served and are serving deserve a thank you! A gift basket is wonderful way to show it. For our service men and women in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines or U.S. Coast Guard, gifts of appreciation will be coming soon!

Upcoming Holidays

Just about every holiday will be celebrated with a gift basket being made by Sensationnel Creations. Valentine's Day will be the next gift basket made. Stay tuned!

Basket Prices

All prices are subject to change.

Small Baskets

$25 - $30

Medium Baskets

$35 - $50

Large Baskets

$55 and up